About Prissy

Carpe Diem

Let me introduce myself. My name is Prissy P. I was born in 1991. Currently I am living in Antwerp, Belgium.

Important notes:

  1. They who know me from the past: I am nothing like I once was.
  2. The ones who do not know me: I am under construction on a daily basis.

Conclusion: Prissy might be complicated material. But she waters herself enough to keep on growing.

In a nutshell

Started blogging in 2018/

Alissya/ At Home Chef/ Animal Lover/ A.K. //
Culture Geek/ Cuisine/ Duuzendpoot/ Degree Stacker/ Eco-minded//

Family First/ Feeding the Soul/ Forever Dreaming/ Food porn/ For The Love of Techno/ Goal Digger//

HSP/ Health/ Lost My Heart To Niels W./ Making lists since 2000/ Momlife/Music-addict/ Nature is my way of staying high/ Overthinker//

Quality of life/ Social Worker/ Self love/ Weekend Warrior//

Welcome to Pretty into Space

I have this crazy hunger for always learning something “new”. I want to inspire and i want to be inspired by you. I love meeting new people, and hearing their stories.

I’m not into (fast) fashion, I prefer authenticity. People who can be true to be their original self. And just like that I tend to be whatever I feel like to be. The best version of me (for that time). I spend a lot of time thinking and mostly feeling.

Difficult moments have been coloring my life. One of them was finding out I am HSP. It was a shock, but groundbreaking. It cleared up so many issues in my life. And after that point, I have been very interested in taking care of myself. Self love is the most important thing I had to learn, for myself by myself. And in my opinion a lot of people should… Taking care of myself has become my mission.

So as I am growing each day to become a “better“, happier and healthier version of me. I would like to share this story with you.