Wishlist March

March, Spring is around the corner and i’m just dying for it. What is my ultimate wishlist for spring this year?


I am obsessed with plants. Even i already have a wonderful plant collection. I find great joy in buying newbies. (Is this my eco friendly shopping addiction?)

I bought these in ikea

  • Aloë vera
  • Succulent
  • Gronskan
  • Lemon tree


Travel essentials


Traveling outside Europe can be a hassle.  As i am prepping everything to finally go on a long Holiday, i was thinking what do I need? If any of you have great tips don’t be shy to share them.

What I really need this time is ta backpack that can be turned into a trolley. It really is not cheap. And now i’m seriously doubting if I need it. The cheapest one (I found) is in Decathlon


Mosquito spray

I am always a jummy treat for all the mozzies out there. So i’m gonna pack up some new things.  Normally i get products with deet, but in Rhodes last sumer it did not do the trick anymore! By the way, I have allergic reactions to most insect bites! These products i’m gonna try this trip:


yup, i know what you think. I am serious about buying these. Really don’t want any blood clots. So this will be my first time flying with it. Looking forward to it!

Calvin klein shoes

I was thing about buying the colorfull reebok shoes. Until i Fell in love with these babies.

Go pro

This is a real gadget. I don’t need it. I just really want it.

This was my Spring wishlist! 10th of April i’ll be leaving for my trip! Watch out for new blogs from then!

What’s on your spring wishlist?

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