Travel guide to Sofia, Bulgaria

Dobyr Den!

Always wanted to visited a balkan country? Here’s a travel guide to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This guide includes facts about bulgaria, a language lesson and quick tips to make your stay in sofia wonderful.


Bulgaria is know as the east of the balkans and is located in southeast europe. Besides Sofia you should must put Varna and Plovdiv on your travel list. Bulgaria has a divers scenery, with mountains, a dreamy seaside and lowlands. And with a big historic heritage, Bulgaria won’t dissapoint you.

The currency is Bulgarian Leva, wich is approximately 1 BGN = 0,5€.

Language lesson

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Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

Let’s talk  about Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. A beautiful city with stunning views,  many architectural differences, a great taste for food and kick ass streetart. The city is not that big, so you can alwys explore by foot. Tired of walking? Travel by taxi or public transport, it’s easy and cheap. Nowadays you can use a taxi app, to call a taxi, and see what the price is. When you take the bus to the mountains, make sure you check out the time schedule before going!

tip: Don’t let taxi drivers scam you when you’re drunk, always ask about the rate.Alexander Nevski


Based at the foot of  Vitosha mountain, Sofia has a lot to offer. Vitosha national park is ideal for hiking. And great for escaping city life. It’s the oldest national park in the Balkans. Besides the Vitosha area, Sofia has a lot of parks where you can go for a stroll.


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Bulgarian people love their culture and traditions. The Bulgarian food culture is based on seasonal products. The Bulgarian yohurt is a beloved product and said to be the best yohurt in the world. Overall menu’s include dairy, vegetables and meat products. (Every restaurant did have vegetarian options.) The local drink is Rakiya, don’t drink too many. наздраве [Nazdrave]



You can visit Sofia all year around, with hot summers and cold winters it should be perfect for every kind of traveler. Best time to travel is between March – June and September – October.


Look for accomodation aound NDK or Vitosha Blvrd, as it is the center of the vibrant citylife. Nearby all the bars and restaurants!

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Tip: Air bnb has beautiful options for cosy – reasonable priced – apartments. is a bit expensive in my opinion.

So get ready for Sofia, where you can enjoy the beauties of the mountain, wildlife, nightlife and city spirit in one trip.


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